DJ Entertainment

Bronze Package

Now the party starts.

Professional DJ

Fun and interactive MC

Illuminated DJ booth

State of the art sound

Basic nightclub lighting

Silver Package

Introducing lighting for your event.

Professional DJ

Fun and interactive MC

Illuminated DJ booth

State of the art sound

Advanced intelligent lighting with 2 moving heads and six up lights to make your room any color you want!

Gold Package

The ultimate party.

Professional DJ

Fun and interactive MC

Illuminated DJ booth

State of the art sound

Advanced intelligent lighting with 4 moving heads and 10 up lights

Two TVs for audio/visual loops

Montage and zap shots

Zap Shot Photography

Zap Shots

Includes 250-350 high quality candid images delivered via dropbox or USB

Deluxe Zap Shots

Includes 400-500 HD candid images, along with 6-8 video clips delivered via dropbox or USB

Event Photography

Includes 650-800 HD candid and posed images including edits

Deluxe Photography

Includes 650-800 HD candid and posed images including edits, 10-12 video clips of important moments. Also includes 30 minute pre party shoot!

Audio Visual

Use one of the most powerful tools meant to entertain your guest. As funny as it may seem TVs still play an important role when it comes to live entertainment. Create a montage to show your friends and family your life and message at your special event.

Add pictures to your TVs of your event as it’s happening. When your friends and family dance your TV becomes part of the light show through motion loops.

To see an example ask and learn more.

Lighting Design

Every night time event in today’s world has grown accustomed to uplighting and lighting design. Take your event to the breathtaking level it deserves. Amaze your guests and add energy to your entire room as well as your dance floor.

Upgrade your party with state-of-the-art wireless lighting system. Impress your guests with a positive spin on your event and hear everyone complimenting you on what an awesome party your hosting. We use the American DJ wifly par QA5 (wireless led par) for uplighting. Packages are 6 pars, 10 pars and 15 pars for around the room. We also offer Chauvet Intimadator 350s (moving head and Elation Design Spot 250s (moving heads).

Quality professional equipment is all we use!

Photo Booth

Great DJ? Check. Open bar? Check. Sounds like you’re on your way to planning a good time! But chances are, everyone isn’t going to dance for the entire reception. And we all know what happens when someone spends a little too much time at the bar. What else is a guest to do? A photo booth adds variety and makes for a great activity for guests bouncing between the dance floor and the bar. Taking a break after the Cupid Shuffle for a quick photo shoot is sure to entertain!

A picture lasts a lifetime. Allow your guests to always remember the awesome time they had at your party with a Photo Booth. Your guests will crack up when they see themselves in silly props and every time they look at the photo they took at your party, they’ll remember the great time they had. A photo booth helps create memories and solidifies your party as one that won’t be forgotten

Wedding Photographer

Photography by Taylor.  Taylor is a Long Island based wedding photographer who enjoys capturing the magic of love and wedding celebrations.

She is very passionate about what she does and loves documenting all the moments and emotions that take place throughout the day. With over 8 years of experience, She aimes to capture the little details and tell your wedding story exactly as it happened while delivering pictures that are true to you.

Let’s sit down and talk about your wedding plans and how you envision the day. .

Packages range from full day coverage, engagement picture sessions, photo books, albums, prints, canvas prints, high-resolution picture disks, online galleries and much more!


If you are bride looking for video, but don’t know what to go for, maybe Famous Entetainment Studios can help with your decision process. A Cinematic Wedding is a storytelling film. Whether the storyteller tells your story through images or the mix of speeches, images, and music. The film is shot very differently where the Cinematographer will more than likely shoot in short clips. Why the short clips you ask? It’s because they are shooting to tell a story, not just document every single minute of your wedding day.

Traditional videographer for weddings is your typical video camera that is usually shot continuously. There’s not much creativity involved besides following the couple around and documenting everything that’s being done. There’s no storytelling involved and nothing would done in the edit that would give you those emotions you would get from a Cinematic Wedding (from a good storyteller that is). It’s pretty much a point and shoot type of thing and it’s much cheaper than having a Cinematographer at your wedding.

Cinematographers in the wedding industry are like the Directors in the Film Industry. They are suppose to shoot with 1 goal in mind, to tell a great story from beginning to end. They are suppose to create an intro, a climax, and then a resolution just like any movie you see. But there are so many Cinematic Weddings out there, how do you choose out of the bunch? How do you know who’s good and who’s not? That’s pretty easy. Choose the one that hits your heart. A beautiful highlight that the company selects to advertise on their site says a lot about a company. It shows their taste and their sensibility. So watch highlights! A great Cinematographer have experience in the filmmaking industry. Nowadays, everyone is trying to get into the Cinematic Weddings because it’s the Modern thing to do. We know it’s not easy to choose one for your once in a life time wedding!

We hope this information helped you on the hunt for the style of video you are going for! Just remember one thing, a storytelling film last forever and if it’s epic, you can play it over and over and over and never get bored with it. It’s something that Live Picture Studios strive for everyday! To ensure our clients have a beautiful and emotional story!

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